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Asherah Tree

The Asherah Tree is an ancient mythological species of rose tree that is the symbol of Innatraea's mother goddess, Asherah. They are believed, by most cultures, to have provided the seeds which gave birth to Innatraea. Though the Rinowhn have a different story. Their creation myths say that Innatraea was already here, that Asherah came from the sky, and brought her trees with her. While other faiths, like The Holy Church of Jhoras, claim that Asherah doesn't exist at all and her trees are nonsense.

Many scholars have tried to identify what tree the Asherah Trees actually were but to no avail. They are described as a rose tree with edible seeds, which already makes them hard to identify. Their flowers are said to start our as white l, then slowly fade to light pink, before turning purple. The leaves of an Asherah Tree are described as vibrant green and white. While their trunks are said to be light brown, and look as though they are made of twisted together vines.

When depicted in artwork an Asherah Tree is often shown with a ring of wooden vines around it, while floating on water. This is meant to show the birth of Innatraea as the melding of different elements under the goddess' magic. Water, and Earth, are often shown to create life. Especially where old world magic is concerned.

The Weavers often that this circular depiction indicates a Weaver's ring, thus elevating them above other Innatraeans. Obviously most other Innatraeans disagree with this. Will we ever truly know what the Asherah Trees were?

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