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Brother Omari "Methuselah"

Updated: Jan 20

Omari, often called Methuselah by other Weavers and initiates alike, is the oldest Weaver living. No one is actually quite sure when he was born. The only real clues anyone has are how occasional reminiscing about various events. Such as telling stories of when Crilla Sharone first arrived on Sceotan as a young girl.

He currently resides on Sceotan but is rarely ever seen outside his quarters, research laboratory, or the library. He often points out how much he enjoys the companionship of knowledge, and history, versus that of actual living Innatraeans. He does however have several goddess bound and is often known to support their rights to freedom against the somewhat more narrow beliefs of other Weavers.

Some would say that he has retired to his quiet life because he disagrees with the recent changes within The Weavers. He was noticeably absent during their discussion, voting, and enactment. Some even say that he is close to passing away and has chosen to live quietly by himself until that happens. While some believe that he is merely biding his time for something much larger than any of them can see. 

One thing is certain about Omari. No other Weaver alive has seen as much of Innatraea's history, holds as much knowledge, respect, nor has as many friends as this ancient Weaver. 

Is he truly retired? Dying? Is just an old man enjoying the quiet life? Or is there some great plan brewing in the shadows that only he can see? Time will tell.

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