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Choni "The Circle"

The Circle (Choni):

The Circle is an archaic round stone circle inside of Djelem'den, on Sceotan. The large stone carved artifact is embedded into the ground of the main courtyard, and engraved with runic symbols. The strange stone it's made of has the unique ability to react to weaving. Whenever one of the runes is touched by the appropriate elemental weaves it will alight. There are eight symbols surrounding this ancient artifact on the inner circle, and many more on its outer ring. Each inner cardinal point is held by one of Innatraea's base elements. Those are water, wind, fire, and rock. There are also four runic symbols, one in-between each two elements, that are unknown. They are said to represent the magical elements of the old world, but their meaning has been lost to history. No one knows the meaning of any symbol on the outer ring.

The Circle is currently only used for one purpose, outside of being studied. This is the performance of initiate Weavers' Tekes. A ritual they must pass in order to become a full Weaver. The ritual itself is simple, an initiate must light at least one of the symbols around the inner circle, proving that they understand both how to weave, and at least one of the four base elements. In recent history the most powerful Weaver known was able to light two during their Tekes.

There has always been much debate about The Circle. What else can the artifact do? Who built it? What do the many unknown symbols actually stand for? Were the Weavers of old stronger and actually able to slight all of the symbols?

There are a few even more unique details knowledgeable weavers will point out about when asked about The Circle. The stone it's made of is actually not stone, because whatever it is cannot be affected by rock weaves. Several times in the past stronger Weavers have reported what they describe as a resonance when more than one symbol is lit. The runic symbols do not appear to belong to any known language on Innatraea, the four base elemental symbols are only known because of how they react to elemental weaves. 

Will anyone ever truly discover this strange artifact's secrets?

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