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Crilla Sharone

Crilla Sharone

We first meet Crilla in the prologue. Though she's not focused upon for a long time, it's obvious that there is a lot more to this formidable woman. So who is she? 

First a brief note on the Sharone family. They are Sophenen, these are the people that make up the city kingdom of Sophene. A mountainous fortress-like city on the border of Thava and The Great Rift. Sophene is known for its masons, precious stones, and has a long heritage of craftsmanship. Their oldest religious faith is based upon the sacred folk and dragonkind.

The Sharone family are cousins to the Sophenen Sovereign Family, the Bagdhasaryans, and are well known. The only reason Crilla, and her twin sister Gertrude, were allowed to leave Sophene was Crilla's ability to weave. They left together and have not returned home since. This was however over five centuries ago and both sisters are very closed mouthed about their home kingdom and the Sharone family. This leads us to one of the great mysteries of Crilla's life. Her sister Gertrude. Crilla has lived for so long because she is a Weaver. Gertrude however isn't, and was never bound, so she should have died a natural death long ago.

The first time we see Crilla she is taking the Great Loom to task over changes to Weaver law they are planning to enact. These changes are in response to a group of noble initiates who tried to use their political power to take control of Djelem'den. She feels they are a travesty, impinge upon the free will of Innatraeans, and will corrupt The Weavers. They don't listen to her and she retires, going to find her sister in a small eastern Aedonia farm town.

There however have been many events in Crilla's long life. Some Weavers would even say that she is legendary. 

Most notable is the Tor Rebellion. This started on Sceotan with a male Weaver, unnamed now, trying to use arcanographing to control all of the Goddess Bound. Arcanographing is an archaic dark magic that involves grafting rune enchanted pieces of metal onto the body in order to subvert a person's will. 

Crilla discovered what was happening and stopped it, gaining her a huge amount of respect among all Goddess Bound. But the unnamed weaver, now refered to as the necromancer, fled. Nearly a century later he resurfaced in Tursim, where he was again trying to use arcanographing, but this time to take control of Tursim. This event became known as the Tor Rebellion, and was again put down under Crilla's leadership. The necromancer died during the resulting conflict.

Crilla also managed to save the matriarchy of Royal Seyla against and coup led by an army of mercenaries, military men, and rioters. She stayed in Kinrai for nearly three decades afterwards helping solidify the matriarchy's power, earning the eternal friendship of their Queen Mother.

It has also been noted that Crilla is steadfast friends with the Am'ayim, though what led to this is unknown. Everywhere she travels Crilla has been seen taking Am'ayim ships over any others.

On a more personal note Crilla is a very elegant, and austere woman. She always conducts herself perfectly, is never rude to anyone even at her most demanding, doesn't speak in contractions, and hates gaudy displays of power or wealth. She is however known to accept personal gifts from those she has helped and are close to her. Such gifts can be seen in her quarters within Djelem'den, such as the  hand carved moangi wood Shatranj board from the Queen Mother.

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