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Dust and The Prism

The Weavers have been a power on Innatraea longer than nearly anyone can remember. They have influenced everything from the rise and fall of kingdoms, to the expanse of knowledge, and even the suppression of ideas they deemed as dangerous. With this kind of political power there always comes corruption. Rumors of darkness within The Weavers are nearly as old as the organization itself.

There have been a few major events in history where this darkness has come to bear upon other kingdoms on Innatraea. The most well known of these events was the Tor Rebellion. Following his exile from Sceotan for experimentation in Arcanographing, an unknown Weaver now referred to as “The Necromancer,” used his powers to raise an army and attempted to conquer Tursim. He was eventually put down by Crilla Sharone and Arcanographing was buried deep within the bowels of Djelem'den.

Arcanographing was the science of using engraved runes and Weaving to augment living Innatraeans with metal body parts. This process was defined as torture and outlawed, more specifically because it often resulted in the suppression of the victim’s will and relegated them to a zombie-like mental state.

Something more happened during these events however, Some say that The Necromancer had a partner and she was not discovered until it was too late. She did not take part in the Tor Rebellion because she was still on Sceotan experimenting with her own form of Arcanographing. This was the birth of Dust and a secretive organization known as The Prism.

Throughout history Weaving has been used to infuse gems and crystals. These brilliantly glowing stones have always been popular with the rich and powerful across Innatraea. For eons these stones have been a massive source of income for Djelem'den. The Necromancer’s partner however figured out a darker use for this seemingly benign method of Weaving.

When ground into powder with Weaving these gems become an addictive magic infused substance. Dust allows those who ingest it to perceive and use Weaving for short periods of time, while in a state of pure ecstacy. To call this substance addictive is an understatement, because it provides what no other addictive drug ever has in history, power.

Once she perfected her formula this still unknown Weaver left Sceotan and took her new invention into the wider world of Innatraea. Over the centuries since she has used it to create a hidden organization of normal Innatraeans known as The Prism. They are dedicated to her, creating power, amassing wealth, and seeking truth behind the universal barriers between Weavers and normal Innatraeans. 

Just how widespread and dangerous this group has become is unknown. Their very existence is still highly debated even within The Weavers. Many say that this dark caricature of beauty and manipulative power is only a rumor. Truth or not, many fear to even mention The Prism by name.

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Eli Z.
Eli Z.
Dec 04, 2023

Thank you very much, it's an interesting new idea that not many fantasy worlds approach.


Akinniyi Ayomide
Akinniyi Ayomide
Dec 04, 2023
Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

This is just amazing, I love it

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