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Haze Flower

Haze Flower is a very popular psychoactive plant grown in warmer climates. One can easily identify the plant by its colorful large flowering buds and long pointed leaves.

The plant is most often dried, cured, ground, and then used in pipes or other apparatus. Though some have been known to have more inventive ways to use the plant. From the hukkahs of Farundia, to the medicines of the Danae, and the edible goods of some Rinowhn tribes.

The plant's flower buds are a very lucrative trade commodity and can be found almost anywhere. Though Aedonia, specifically per decree of the Holy Church of Jhoras, has outlawed its trade inside the kingdom's borders. This has only managed to make its trade there more lucrative though also dangerous.

The most sought Haze Flower is grown by the Zimsway, one of the Rinowhn tribes. Their species of the plant are more fragrant, more potent, and prepared more skilfully for being smoked than any other sources on Innatraea. Many have tried to locate the Zimway's Haze Flower fields but none have succeeded. The tribe, like most Rinowhn is nomadic, and they inhabit the sea of grass which outsiders cannot navigate.

Another source of decent haze flower is Sophene. The High mountains tend to be hotter during growing seasons there and many strains of the plant are native to that environment. Though the quality isn't as good Sophene is closer to most of the western yare routes, making them more accessible to many on that side of Innatraea.

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