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High Lady Sylia Dupris

Sylia is perhaps the perfect example of what it means to be a powerful woman on Innatraea. Aedonia is a kingdom generally unfriendly to women, especially those of power, she has managed to become one of the wealthiest, strongest and most highly respected nobles in Aedonia. The road to her position was not an easy one however.

Banque Dupris is one of the oldest banking institutions on all of Innatraea, let alone within Aedonia’s borders. They have financed ventures under everyone from House Masudo to the Trade Council of Tursim, along with countless noble houses in nearly every kingdom. Many believe that if one were able to actually see their ledgers you'd find that Banque Dupris holds more wealth, and employs more soldiers, than most kingdoms.

The current High Seat of House Dupris is Sylia. Amazingly she has been in charge of her house and the banque since she was about 10 years old, and has done a phenomenal job of maintaining her family's wealth and power since. Many criticized a child taking the twins of Banque Dupris in the beginning, especially during the political upheaval at the time, but with the staring guidance of an old financier named Tomas Bavertly she succeeded where many others would have failed.

Sylia first took over during the fall of Cathyor, the last kingdom that stood between Aedonian rule of all Northeastern Innatraea. During this time she predicted what was coming and helped finance much of Aedonia's expansion under House D’Arganse, becoming a pivotal source of support to the new Aedonian rule and their monarch.

In the beginning there were rumors of Sylia having connections to Trefn Cyfiawnder and thus being an enemy to Aedonia. But years of political and financial support from both House Dupris and their Banque have long since quashed those rumors. Many still find it strange that a woman holds so much power within Aedonia's political sphere, but they are often countered by indicating that it's because of the wide reaching influence of Banque Dupris, her family's wealth, and military power.

One thing is certain, The High Lady Sylia Dupris is a strong, highly capable, and powerful woman. Many across the dream of a complaint even a sliver of what this pillar of a woman has in her lifetime.

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