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House Masudo

The Masudo family currently rules Ni'Moku, one of the Am'ayim island homes. They are a one of the oldest dynasties within the Am'ayim people and are a matriarchy. They are known to be shrewd traders, ruthless rivals, and have one of the largest trade fleets on Innatraea.

Probably what the Masudos are most known for is their attitude and philosophy surrounding life. To the Masudo women life is a thing to be conquered, respect is taken, and rivals are put down. Their creed explains this attitude perfectly. "Wealth is merely a benefit of true power."

They were also the creators of Sayaw ng Kamatayan or The Dance of Death. A martial style of combat only taught to the women of their family. This style of combat favors dance like movement, speed, critical strikes, and unarmed combat against multiple assailants.

Another interesting thing of note is their island home of Ni'Moku. The name literally translates as Isle of birds. But a well known Am'ayim saying states that there are no birds on Ni'Moku. This is because the name actually refers to the breaking of their enemies' bones and not birds at all.

Those dealing with the Masudo women are wise to remember what really matters to them. Power, strength, respect, loyalty, and wealth.

Currently the Masudo Family is under the reign of Hiraya and her youger sister Tiare. The next in line to the Masudo throne is Rangi.

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