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Isaro "Heart Breaker" Kabatesi

Isaro Kabatesi is unlike any other Shedon on Innatraea. At a very young age she took her name, meaning “stubborn gem,” to heart and rebelled against her people not accepting a place in Shedon society and leaving Dryumiri forever. Though many Shedon leave their home to travel Innatraea, and even fall in love with normal Innatraeans, all of them eventually return home. Isaro chose a different path.

She eventually ended up in the Ara’ayim Isles, a place few outsiders are allowed, but none turn away Shedon. Here she met an Am'ayim man, fell in love, and took to the seas. When he ended up being a pirate she not only stayed with him but became his first mate and helped him build an empire of illicit crime across Innatraea. A choice that made her both a legend and one of the few Shedon criminals to ever exist.

After his death she returned to Ara'ayim Isles and spent nearly a year alone, on a solitary island,  mourning his loss. In an unheard of show of loyalty their fleet of pirate ships stayed with her. 

It was during this time that Shedon Inyakun Orlaith was sent to retrieve their wayward child and bring her home. In yet another unheard of act Isaro refused to go. Saying that her heart belonged to the man she had lost and not the Shedon. Faced with the choice of killing her entire fleet or letting her be, Orlaith departed and left Isaro on her own. This was centuries ago.

Since that time Isaro has not changed. She still leads the largest and most skilled pirate fleet on Innatraea, takes impressive men among her crews as lovers, and refuses Shedon law at every turn. Many have tried to hunt her down and take Isaro home, but she is impossible to find amongst her numerous ships that are constantly moving across Innatraea’s vast oceans. What does fate have in store for this legendary rebel the Am'ayim now refer to as “Heart Breaker.”

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