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Johnathan Al'Shane

Jonathan Al'Shane is older when we first meet him. He's Jonaas' father, husband to Gertrude, and the owner of a modest rose apple farm on the outskirts of Aliselle Falls. It becomes obvious pretty early on however that Jonathan has had an interesting life.

He met Gertrude a number of decades ago, when he was in his late twenties. At the time he was part of Cathyor's military and was on a campaign in the sea of grass. Cathyor was trying to extend influence onto the Rinowhn Tribelands for economic reasons.

Gertrude was there because she was helping the Rinowhn resist not just Cathyoran rule but Aedonian. This is where the two of them met, after a particularly brutal battle. It did not take long for Jonathan to fall for this beautiful, intelligent, kind hearted, and capable woman.

He soon found his perspective of the world, and life in general, shifting and lost his belief in the campaign and being a soldier. Soon after this he retired and took his soldier's pension. He and Gertrude got married, moved to Aliselle Falls, and bought the rose apple farm.

Decades later Gertrude's sister, Crilla joined them, after retiring from the Weavers. He built her a small cabin on their land and they all continued their quiet country life. Until, seemingly at the same time the children all came into their lives. Crilla found Rosalie, Gertrude and Jonathan adopted Jonaas, and Brianna brought Edmond into Aliselle Falls.

Jonathan quickly became the impromptu father figure to Jonaas' friends. He even taught the boys how to handle a sword alongside retired knight Marged Llewellyn, and play Shatranj. Though Jonaas and Edmond took after different skills in that regard. There were not many times when Rosalie actually needed him, she was always very capable even at a young age. But she became a loving addition to their small family.

Now that the children are leaving home what does that mean for Jonathan? Will he continue his quiet life as a rose apple farmer, or does Innatraea have something else in store for him?

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