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Jonaas Al'Shane

Jonaas may seem like an ordinary young man, the son of rose apple farmers in the small town of Aliselle Falls. There is however much more to the story, from being the first love of the most powerful Weaver born in recent history, to being half Rinowhn, along with his simple kindness and innate wisdom.

He was born in the same town as Rosalie, shortly after she was found abandoned as a baby. The two of them were raised together on the same farm land, he by his parents Gertrude and Jonathan Al'Shane, while Rosalie was raised by Crilla Sharone, a retired Weaver and Gertrude's twin sister. The two became inseparable as children and their love seemed to be a destined thing.

Throughout his childhood Jonaas became known as a kind boy, with wisdom beyond his years, and a calm temperament usually reserved for those much older. He also displayed a startling talent for the ancient strategy game of Shatranj, which he would often play with his friend Edmond Carlon, in-between sparring matches with swords. Neither liked the other's interest but they were the best of friends.

Once he was old enough, shortly before the three young people left home on their life's journeys, his parents finally told him that his true origins were somewhat more mysterious and tragic. His real mother was a young Rinowhn woman who had been attacked, the Al'Shanes rescued her, but were not able to save her during Jonaas' birth. This surprising, and heart breaking news led to him leaving home as well, on a journey to both find himself and see the world of Innatraea. Will this simple farm boy have a role to play in the future? Or will his tragic beginnings weigh too heavily on his heart for him to remain the kind soul he's known to be?

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