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K'aresirt (Stoneheart)

The Sophenen believe that Innatraea is more than just a world, more than just stone, water, forest, trees, and animals made for them to survive upon. Innatraea began as a magical seed made of stone, from there the entire world grew over the eons, eventually becoming what all Innatraeans know as home today. Stone is a sacred thing and the heart of all life.

Rosalie was raised believing in The Three Sisters, Innatraea's Goddesses, and daughters of Asherah, but her roots are Sophenen. After becoming a Weaver initiate and befriending Magdetha Averny, Rosalie became aware of her heritage and what her people believed. This was further exemplified in meeting Tnjri, the last living K'arajin, a previously though extinct race of Sacred Folk.

He taught her how deeply the Sophenen belief in stone truly goes. That Innatraea's heart, a world seed made of ancient stone, is the source of all magic and life on Innatraea. That his people, the K'arajin were Innatraea's first beings and made from this very heart. 

Through their friendship, and her Sophenen history, Rosalie found the strength to become who she was meant to be and truly embrace not only herself but those she loves. Her personal truth and internal identity are celebrated in the manifestation of her Weavers' Ring, K'aresirt or "Stoneheart."

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