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Magdetha Averny

Magdetha is currently a young initiate of The Weavers on a Sceotan. She is Sophenen and could be described as a large and awkward girl. Life was not an easy thing for her in Sophene, women are respected there as they are in fact currently ruled by a queen. Their culture however values artistry, grace, and beauty. None of which are qualities Magdetha possesses.

She was hoping things would become easier upon her arrival on Sceotan, and for a few blessed moments after she was accepted as an initiate, this seemed to be true. But then her relative level of power as a Weaver was low. Even worse it was discovered that she could somehow see and weave, both women's and men's threads. This was a huge blow to her self confidence because of something, previous to this event, only she knew about herself. Now everyone on Sceotan knew that she was a freak of nature.

Since this event, a few years ago, she has led a life of studious solitude. Quietly trying to achieve her dreams of becoming a Weaver under the torment of her classmates and even the judgment of some teachers. But recently she has finally met another initiate, a very powerful young woman, who respects Magdetha both for her intellect and her unique abilities. Will her friendship with Rosalie Sharone help in turning Magdetha's hard life around?

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