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Niomh and Aife

Niomh of the Danae 

Niomh was born among the Danae people in the Northern Tanglewood. She was a bright, beautiful, and capable young woman renowned for her skills as a dancer. After many years of being courted by outsiders she finally fell for a foreign man who had visited her people over many festivals and said that he was an Aedonian soldier. Against her mother's wishes Niomh left home with this man, excited to see Innatraea, and start her new life as a married woman.

Within less than a year of traveling with him it became clear that he had lied, and was actually not a soldier, but a well spoken and skilled mercenary. When Niomh became pregnant it was already clear that things were not well with their relationship. He had still refused to marry her and was spending more time away fighting, drinking, or carousing with the other men. When their daughter Aife was born he left them entirely.

What had begun as an exciting journey and new life became heartbreak. Niomh's people call this The Journey of Sorrow, when one of their own is broken by the world's cruelty. To make things worse Niomh was far from home and unable to travel back with a newborn baby. Also her daughter was born with different colored eyes, a sign of great destiny for her people, which seemed like a cruel joke given her current circumstances. 

She survived by moving between local river towns, and forcing herself to rely on generous men she didn't know, a horrible life, only made worse by caring for her young daughter. This eventually led them to Haversfjord where what little luck she had completely dried up. A change in Aedonian political climate caused work for mercenaries to dry up. Niomh and Aife were now stuck in this river trade town, living on the streets, and had no hope of a future.

Then everything changed with a young farmer who gave them food, blankets, and enough gold marks to finally go home to her people. But the winds of fate weren't done with Niomh or her daughter Aife. On their long journey home they met a young woman traveling to the faraway island nation of Sceotan to become a Weaver, the most powerful magic wielders on Innatraea. Meeting Rosalie Sharone changed the lives of both Niomh, and her daughter Aife forever.

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