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Rangi Masudo

Updated: Feb 19

We first meet Rangi Masudo in the prologue as a child. She's already learning Sayaw ng Kamatayan, showing signs of being a gifted combatant, and choosing her own path. When she was very young her mother took Rangi to the port, to watch her father's ship come in. The Ariela was beautiful, and Rangi couldn't believe her father got to sail her all over Innatraea. From that moment on she fought against being stuck on Ni'Moku, spending every moment she could with her father, when he was home.

This culminated in Rangi fighting her mother, Tiare Masudo, for the right to leave home and become a sailor on her father's ship, The Ariela. Normally Masudo women stay on Ni'Moku, until they assume some level of command, and are able to spread House Masudo influence.

Rangi assumed the lowest rank as a new sailor, willingly being on even ground with every other sailor aboard. Since then it has been an awkward dance between her low rank, and the crew knowing she's a Masudo. But Rangi has stayed the course and proven herself a valuable member of the crew.

Rangi is however still a Masudo. She's stubborn, self reliant to a fault, loves fighting, is easy to anger, brash, hates women being mistreated, and has no qualms facing down anyone to get her way. Beyond all of that however Rangi is a very intelligent, strong willed, and capable woman. The day will eventually come when her mother calls Rangi home to Ni'Moku. Will she go, or will she continue to fight against tradition in order to stay with her father? Or perhaps fate has different plans for Rangi entirely…

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