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Royal Seyla's Companions

In Royal Seyla everything is an art form, and being a courtesan is no exception. You may however find yourself on the wrong side of the Seylan guard for calling a Companion a simple courtesan. They have a long history of respect, wealth, power, and are protected by the crown.

The Companions make their home in Royal Seyla's capital city, Kinrai. There they own properties throughout the city, have the protection of the city guard, are allowed to make decisions of their own free will, and only answer to the queen herself. Any individual Companion may however travel the kingdom freely, and many often do, they are granted an escort of city guard for such endeavors.

Not just anyone can be a Companion however. They are chosen at a young age based upon their beauty, intellect, and willpower. After this all of the young women, or men, chosen must complete years of training. This is conducted within one of many private homes throughout the city. Only The Companions themselves, and the queen, know their locations. Such training covers everything from the various methods of seduction, to combat, music, history, critical observation, dancing, and even military tactics among many subjects. Many of those chosen do not make it through training.

The exact testing, ranks, ceremonies, or anything that occurs behind closed doors is not known to outsiders. What is known however is that once one successfully becomes a Companion they have a quality of life, and freedom, enjoyed by very few Innatraeans.

A Companion chooses their clients, sets their own limits, contracts, costs, and makes all of their own choices. There are no publicly visible signs of rank, discord, or structure to The Companions. It is also a death sentence to threaten, harm, or interfere with a Companion. Foolish Innatraeans have been immediately arrested by a Companion merely pointing at them within sight of the city guard.

Is this eccentric organization merely a sign of unusual culture or do they hide deeper secrets?

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