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Rukmini's Musings: The Power of Speech

The voice is an interesting thing. We think of ourselves as intelligent, and better than other creeatures, because we can speak.

Can they not speak? We merely move our mouths around, exhale breathe and then interpret these sounds as having meaning.

Perhaps it is not the voice, but our interpretation of it that matters? Does sound hold meaning without interpretation?

I remember, when I was my child my mother used to ask me, if a tree fell and no one was there to hear it, would it make a sound? Can not a deer, rabbit, or fox also hear this sound and interpret its meaning?

Would we even exist without our ability to interpret? I once screamed at myself inside an empty room and I could hear. Does that mean an Innatraean can observe themselves in order to exist?

Would that not mean that the universe would have to as well? Because we cannot be everywhere. What is sound then? What is interpretation? Perhaps the deer knows, I should remember to ask the next time I see one.

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