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Sister Anoushka Thavarajah

Updated: Jan 25

Anoushka is known to be a very practical thinker, she is concise in her mannerisms, as well as preferring efficiency and logic over other forms of thought. These qualities make her well liked by some, because she is a capable administrator who is often able to organize and complete seemingly impossible tasks. Weavers who tend towards philosophical thought, or prefer more spiritually based lives however have a hard time relating to her; especially since she is known to have a rather sharp tongue.

Her two more spiritually or artistically based interests are music and poetry. Her love for these may sound at face value, as many who don't know Anoushka well are apt to point out, but she comes from a family of philosophers and artists. Her mother Srishti is an older Weaver who is known to prefer solitude, philosophy, and the exploration of consciousness. Her younger sister Rukmini is also a Weaver and a philosopher, but is much more open and social than their mother; she is also a dancer. The sisters even started a theater group together whose purpose is to bring art and joy to initiates and young Weavers. When asked about music or poetry Anoushka often points out that both have a tangible effect upon Innatraea through their emotional effects upon Innatraeans themselves.

While her sister Rukmini spends time exploring strange philosophical ideas, and their mother Srishti exploring consciousness, Anoushka works with the Cancellaria di Scrutati as an administrator; she is invaluable in keeping Djelem'den running smoothly and funding the many initiates’ educations as well as the personal endeavors of many Weavers. This makes her a very influential person even though she is not a member of The Great Loom.

Another interesting thing is that Anoushka seems to be a less powerful Weaver than both of the other Thavarajah women. This may be because of her more practical nature, she spends more time administrating to Djelem'den’s needs than exploring her personal capabilities and powers. The Weaver would not however be the same without her doing this, few others have her keen eye for organization and efficiency.

These qualities may seem like they would put Anoushka at odds with her sister and mother. The Thavarajahs however have always been close as a family, even spending time together every day no matter what else is happening in their lives. During their few arguments her younger sister Rukmini is remarkably good at acting as a bridge between the other women. Anoushka herself is however often that bridge for her family when dealing with other Weavers.

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