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Sister Aranya Jimaiyo

Updated: Jan 20

Aranya is a native Sceotian, Weavers are uncommon within their population, and she is the only one to have been found in several generations. She is very proud of her people and is known to spend more time among them than she does within the walls of Djelem'den itself. Which is unsurprising since she grew up on the island and has many family members there.

Though she is an older Weaver, Aranya has never served upon the Great Loom, or shown any interest in Weaver politics. She prefers to stay more close to actual Innatraeans at their level, where she feels more good can be accomplished during her long life. Among the Sceotan she is known to always help those in need with her own unique mixture of plant medicine and Weaving, they often refer to her as “Mother Jimaiyo.”

Aranya does maintain small quarters within Djelem'den, so that she counts as a member of the Lesser Consensus, and can share her opinions as well as he voice of her people when important events are discussed. Most of her time however is spent in her family's generational home on Sceotan, which she now owns. Oddly she seems to be very aware of everything happening on the island, even though she isn't involved in Weaver politics. Though this may because the native Sceotian trust her more than other Weavers, and tell her everything they see.

Aranya is also a known artist, she loves to paint, song, dance, and is especially fond of her people's cultural celebrations. She often works with the Thavarajah Sisters to bring her people's unique flair to celebratory performances within Djelem'den.

Aranya may not be what other Weavers think of when they picture themselves, she doesn't exemplify power, elegance, wealth, or nobility in the same way many others do. Among common Innatraeans however she is not just more respected, but more loves than any other Weaver.

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