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Sister Rukmini Thavarajah

Updated: Jan 30

Rukmini is perhaps one of the oddest Weavers on Sceotan. She doesn't seem to care about political power, reputation, standing, wealth, comfort, or anything most of the prominent Weavers do. Many dismiss her out of hand because of this, though this may be a mistake.

She is however a member of the Thavarajah household, a legendary family of Weavers who many respect greatly. Both her parents were Weavers, though her father passed away some years ago, her sister Anoushka is also a Weaver.

The Thavarajah sisters are both teachers of new initiates and started a theater group together. Rukmini is a renowned dancer and master martial artist, while Anoushka is a highly skilled musician. Their goal for the theater group is to bring light, laughter, joy, and happiness into the lives of those who live within Djelem'den, because life as a Weaver or an initiate is very hard.

Rukmini has always been a philosopher and is known to be more than a bit strange. She carries her satchel with ink, parchment, and quill with her everywhere she goes; in case she wants to write down her thoughts. She has been seen doing so many strange things all around Sceotan that many now just laugh because it's only Rukmini. Among her oddities that have been noted are screaming in a room by herself, talking to animals, staring at random objects such as a tree or bush, and dancing in the surf at night so the moon can see her.

Oddities aside Rukmini has always been known as a kind hearted person and has many friends among other Weavers. Especially those who are older or care about knowledge and philosophy. Sometimes the strangest people are the best ones.

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