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Sister Sherielle Arsenault

Updated: Jan 20

Sister Sherielle Arsenault

Sherielle was born into the Arsenault family, a Nordrian royal merchant house. They are one of the most wealthy families on Innatraea, known for their extensive trade in weaponry, siege engines, and warships. Though Nordrian the Arsenault family has strong political ties in Aedonia as well. Their wealth, private army, political power, stores of advanced weapons, and warships has made them virtually untouchable by any kingdoms' rule of law.

This meant that Sherielle grew up in an environment where her family was the predominant power everywhere she went. Even at a young age she had servants, wealth, soldiers as guards, and anything she wanted. The Arsenault family creed: "All of Innatraea that matters is ruled by one of three things. The sword, wealth, or politics." This naturally led young Sherielle to believe she was above most other Innatraeans, which was only compounded by discovering her ability to weave.

Since her arrival on Sceotan as a young girl rumors and fear have always surrounded Sherielle. She arrived with three Arsenault warships, and a retinue of soldiers as guards, all of which belonged to her. She is a demanding woman, has a sharp intellect, is more than willing to cut down her opponents, and has an innate belief that she is better than everyone. Inheriting a position of power within the Arsenault family, that she holds to this day centuries later, did not help matters. There are rumors about her bonding men against their will, assisting in overthrowing kingdoms, and even murdering her rivals. None of this has ever been substantiated of course, though the Arsenault family itself is widely known to participate in all of the above.

Sherielle is also a gifted, and powerful Weaver. Combined with her wealth, political power, and intelligence she almost seemed destined to be a part of the Great Loom, where she currently holds a long standing seat.

How dark is this powerful woman's past? Are any of these rumors true? Or are the just talk based around her long standing wealth, power, and family history? 

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