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Sister Taia Mirzoyan

Updated: Jan 20

Taia Mirzoyan

Taia is an older Weaver who is a member of the Greater Consensus. She's Sophenen, and grew up in close proximity to many royal families, though she herself was born to a servant's family. Her father, and mother, both worked within the household of the Bagdhasaryan family, the sovereigns of Sophene. This is where Taia grew up, in the shadow of greatness, dreaming that she herself would one day reach such heights.

As a young child she befriended the Sharone twins, Crilla and Gertrude. They spent their childhood's playing together, and defying the normal traditions of Sophenen royalty by being friends. When she, and Crilla, discovered they could both weave it was like a message of providence to Taia. After her two friends left for Sceotan it was not long before Taia ran away from home to follow them, making the arduous journey alone.

The three quickly reconnected upon Taia's arrival on Sceotan. She and Crilla trained together as initiates and became full Weavers on the same day. Since then many of their travels, exploits, and even mistakes have been the same. Through the centuries everyone came to know the legendary Crilla Sharone, but few realized Taia had been her right hand through most of their long lives.

Where Crilla was graceful, elegant, demanding, moral, fair and just Taia was the more shadowy hand of the two. The small ungraceful woman was easy to miss, but her intellect, keen eye for what drives a person, and willingness to get her hands dirty made her the invaluable shadow to Crilla's bright light.

When the Weavers started shifting in politics, and power, to what we know them as today Taia supported the transition because it helped her maintain influence and power. Whereas Crilla refused to go along and retired. Since this parting of ways the women have remained friends from afar, through regular letters, but Taia has recently regretted their parting, even thinking of leaving to join her old friend in retirement.

Will Taia's centuries old friendship with Crilla affect Rosalie? Or will this aged and powerful Weaver let the Great Loom's politics decide for them?

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