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Teodora Basravich

Teodora Basravich

Teodora is a young Thavan Weaver initiate. She is from a lesser noble family in the city state of Kievan. Shortly after arriving on Sceotan she was pulled into a small cadre of young noble women initiates. The trio of young women do not have the best reputation. As with most young nobles they tended to treat others with disdain and even cruelty. They infact only pulled in Teodora because of her beauty. The Basravich family were merchants and only recently became recognized as a noble house. This makes them somewhat below the notice of most established nobility.

Over time Teodora fell into their small group's habits. Being unkind to other initiates, demanding of teachers, dismissive of poor and non noble Innatraeans, and being very concerned with fashionable trends. Things were not as easy for her under the surface. She still remembered a time when her family were simple, though successful, merchants and did not agree with the mistreating others. But this small group was her protection so she stayed with them.

Over time Teodora started changing her perspective. This began with her observations of another young woman initiate, Rosalie Sharone. Eventually they become friends, this began shortly after Teodora confided a few of her darkest secrets with Rosalie in search of help and support. This was something new to her and a thing most of her previous friends could never be trusted with. This eventually led to Teodora embracing herself, learning to be strongon her own, and valuing others. But it is a very hard journey.

After this challenging, and lengthy, transformation the two become like sisters. They got tattoos together to celebrate the changes in both their lives. Soon after this Teodora wanted to share her newfound strength with others and teach them the values she had learned on her journey. That all Weaver initiates can be strong, kind, free, and accepted as themselves.

The two young women then founded Veles Vrda (Bull and Rose) a society with the intention of teaching all of Weaver initiates these values. It is a hard road though as this directly challenges the corruption within the Great Loom. Will Teodora succeed in changing the hearts of others? Will she continue to change and become strong powerful Weaver and woman? 

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