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The Am'ayim

The Am'ayim (people of sea mist) are sailing folk native to the Ara'ayim isles (islands of sea mist). They are known throughout the world as the most skilled sailors, ship craftsmen, and are known to trade with nearly every kingdom. They don't often accept sailors from other peoples, or even passengers on most voyages. There are however a few details known about traveling on their ships. No woman or child is ever refused. Their women sailors are considered equals to their men when at sea, therefore they dress the same, including being shirtless and barefoot. Ka'u Malihini Taumatau, or guest right, may be requested and grants the passenger safety while aboard any Am'ayim ship.

They have a twin deity belief system, the dieties of which are brother and sister. Caim, or he who drowns the weak, is their underwater god of the dead. Lux, of she who lights the way, is their goddess of the skies. Am'ayim children are born into the surf whenwvwe possible, those who aren't born into the surf become known as a shore child, and are believed to possess weaker souls. This is because every threat to an Am'ayim's life is seen as a challenging against Caim, even their birth. Each of these challenges are celebrated by being tattooed onto the person's body. Throughout their lives Am'ayim, especially sailors, are known to be covered in tattoos.

Their homeland, the Ara'ayim isles, are even less well known. There are a few larger outlying islands that allow outside traders. From these islands one can see a giant ancient statue, depicting a woman and child fleeing towards the islands, any outsider caught beyond this point is out to death. All that is known about the statue is that it's called The Woman of Salt. Many traders still make the voyage, even though the isles are far off the coast, because there are many spices and precious stones only found there.

There are however a few details known. The Ara'ayim isles is a massive chain, containing hundreds of islands. Those large enough for a porr have cities, and each city has a ruling family. House Masudo for example rules Ni'Moku. There are so many islands that some Am'ayim appear to be of different nationalities, though they all identify as Am'ayim to the outside world.

There is also a massive anomaly in the sea near those islands, called The Gyre. Only a few outsiders have ever seen it up close. They describe it as a giant rift in the sea that emanates heat. The sea flows into it constantly and creates a permanent veil of mist.

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