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The Danae

The Danae People 

The Danae are a semi-nomadic people that mostly inhabit The outer Tanglewood. They are known for inks, dyes, knotwork semiprecious stone jewelry, dancing, singing, and their peaceful way of life. Some look down on them because they choose to live in the wilds rather than cities, and therefore have little in the way of possessions or wealth. While others respect their more peaceful and open way of living.

Because of their lifestyle the Danae are left relatively in peace. They don't own any land and they live a communal life where everyone shares everything, which means they also have very little. When they are threatened, which is rare, they can slip into the vast Tanglewood and disappear like smoke. These things make most in power believe that the Danae aren't worth their time. Many normal Innatraeans, especially soldiers, do however come to visit the Danae regularly, especially on their two annual festivals.

During the two week long winter solstice festival the Danae celebrate their sun goddess Koliada. This is a festival celebrating what is to come, a new year, warmer weather, and the joys of life ahead. They believe that Koliada gives this to their people as a boon and celebrate her with fire, song, dance, drink, and food. Outsiders are welcome within the Danae camps during this time so long as they're peaceful and join the celebrations.

In late summer they have another annual festival, Lunasa. This festival celebrates the harvest, fertility, and gives thanks to the great mother herself, Innatraea. It is known for music, ceremonies, romance, feasting, singing, mystical experiences, and dancing. Many outsiders travel to Danae camps every year for this festival, they are allowed so long as they're peaceful and stay away from any closed ceremonies.

There are several other things the Danae are known for by outsiders. One is their covered wagons. These wooden moving house-like wagons are colorful, well crafted, and of better design than any others. Many successful merchants come to the Danae for these on a regular basis. Another is their dyes, inks, and tattoo artistry. No one knows how the Danae mix these but they are generally of higher quality in both color and longevity than any others. Their tattoo artists are also highly sought after for their intricate and flowing gentle artistic styles, some Am'ayim have even been noted traveling inland in search of Danae tattoo work.

Lastly, though some would say unfortunately, the Danae are also known for their beauty and free lifestyle. Many come from all over Innatraea seeking to live among the Danae, or find romantic partners within their camps. This is especially prevalent with retiring soldiers who are seeking a more peaceful and calm life. Over time this has led to small numbers of Danae leaving home to live in other lands. Many of these Danae eventually end up coming home because they're not accepted well by other cultures and aren't happy. That journey of leaving home, and then returning, which not all Danae survive, is referred to by their people as "The Road of Sorrow."

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