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The Glow Orb

The glow orb is a very interesting phenomenon. It is the simplest of magic a Weaver knows, they are also quite safe and benign, making them the first weaving taught to new initiates. But the story of these simple little floating lights is much more complex than most Innatraeans imagine.

The glow orbs themselves are made of bent light. A very simple thing to do with weaving, but their usage has been vast throughout all of history. From lighting darkened rooms, to searching for those lost in dark caverns, to surprising enemies in war, and even entertaining children or crowds.

Another interesting facet of these humble little balls of light is that their appearance is only limited by the imagination of their Weaver. Some might be simple little white globes of light to read by, while others could be large reflective pools playing with everything around them in a vast array of color. Many Innatraeans have even noted glow orbs that aren't really orbs at all, but shapes of objects, like musical instruments or small animals.

What really sets them apart however is their perception. Normal Innatraeans think of them much differently than Weavers do. A Weaver learns how to make these at a very young age, because of this they become a normal everyday tool for most. Whether for reading a book late at night, finding their way in the dark, or celebrating with their friends and family. Where a normal Innatraean may light a candle, a Weaver simply wills light into existence at a whim. This amazing power sets every Weaver apart from others at a very base level everywhere they go.

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