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The Goddess Bound

Weavers are the most powerful Innatraeans in existence. They can control the elements, will light into existence, some would even say they can alter the very fabric of Innatraea, and they live thousands of years. All things have weaknesses however and the Weavers are no different.

A Weaver is used to wielding power like no other, and they are susceptible to physical harm just like normal Innatraeans, this leads to weakness. One moment of missed observation, a knife in the dark, or an ambush can lead to death and has many times throughout history.

The Goddess Bound is the answer to this weakness. An elite cadre of irregular warriors, trained as bodyguards and sworn to protect their Weaver with their lives if necessary. They come from all across Innatraea and are trained on Sceotan to become the sword hand of the Weavers. After training each Goddess Bound is chosen by a specific Weaver and bonded to them, through a sacred magic known only as The Bond.

The Bond is as ancient as the Goddess Bound themselves, a sacred magical weave and ritual that connects two souls for a lifetime. With this Bond comes increased strength, endurance, speed, healing, a centuries long life, and an innate sense of their Weaver's location even across vast distances. There have even been reports of emotional awareness for those who are closer. Some Weavers have also been known to Bond more than one Goddess Bound, but few records speak of more than three or four.

Everything has a darker side however and The Bond is no different. The last change a Goddess Bound experiences when being Bonded is a desire to obey their Weaver. Those truly dedicated, and Bonded to good Weavers, view this as merely a part of them swearing their lives to service.

Others however speak of darker things, warriors being bonded against their will and forces into servitude. This act is illegal and shunned by The Great Loom, but the rumors still persist of this heinous crime occurring more oftwn than many would believe. The truth may be darker than some imagine, or more likely somewhere in-between.

Goddess Bound are not limited to being just men or women, both are Bonded regularly without preamble. There are also many stories of Weaver and warrior Bonding out of love, or going initiate Weavers showing up on a woman with someone from their childhood already Bonded. As with anything that involves power, love, politics, and fighting the social issues behind it are more complex than they first appear.

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