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The Grand Library of Tursim

The Grand Library of Tursim is one of the oldest, largest and most respected buildings on Innatraea. It was built centuries ago as the center of knowledge for Tursi culture. When it was first built the library's four wings reached into each of the major districts of Tursim. This allowed each Tursi citizen to access its stores of knowledge from nearly anywhere in the city. 

Since then many things have changed, Tursim's physical size, Tursi culture, and the city's political structure have all seen sizable shifts over the last few centuries. Things are still showing signs of massive shifts in belief, tolerance, knowledge, and power to this day.

Currently Tursim is known as the trade capital of Innatraea. No other city rivals it's massive size, number of quays in its large harbor, or its vast flow of wealth. This has changed the overall climate of the city greatly. Where once the Tursi people valued knowledge now they value trade, where once they value open enlightenment now they cling to their old beliefs in desperation. 

These changes to Tursim have affected The Grand Library itself greatly. The district wings are no longer open, there are fewer librarians than ever, and the library no longer purchases books from the markets to bolster its shelves. But there is still light even in these dark times.

Recently a movement has started in Tursim. One of Tursi women slowly gaining influence within their culture and challenging the power of its old faith men and government. This is mostly because of the very thing Tursim values most, its wealth and trade. These have slowly caused an influx of foreign ideas and values. Starting to open new possibilities for the Tursi women brave enough to step forward.

Most notably is the Grand Library's stance in these troubled times, and its head librarian, a man named Yusef. He is not a man of the old faith, rather he is an intellectual scholar and advocate for women's rights. He has slowly started hiring women as librarians, sheltering those who need help, and supporting the rise of Tursim's aristocratic women.

What will this mean for the future of The Grand Library? If the tensions in Tursim finally explode, where will this leave the ancient bastion of knowledge?

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