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The Great Dryads

Innatraea is an ancient world of primordial magic, goddesses, mythical creatures, and mysteries. The lives of common folk may seem normal in current times, but strange stories persist, myths of ancient magic coming into their lives and changing things forever.

Some of the most popular of these legends center around the Great Dryads. These beautiful entities may appear like women, but they are more powerful than your average Innatraean can imagine. Great Dryads are giants, taller than most of the ancient Great Trees, with the physical strength to match, and seemingly piercing knowledge about most things.

Every Great Dryad seems to be attached to one of the Great Trees in some way. Their very name, location, and very nature intertwined. They also seem to somehow be similar to the people who live in the vicinity of their Great Tree, facial features, accent, and general attitude are usually very closely related to their people. Though most will say the difference, aside from their giant size is in their eyes. If an Innatraean’s eyes are a glimpse of their soul, then the soul of a Great Dryad must be the most ancient and powerful of things one can witness. Great Dryads are also able to travel between Innatraea and Kanraphim seemingly at will.

No one knows where the Great Dryads actually came from, how they're born, or why they exist. There are many theories about this from a certain age a tree becomes a Great Tree, to a young Dryad choosing her tree at some point, or even a Dryad being born when a sapling is and growing with their trees. Perhaps the most interesting however is that their existence, and partnership with the Great Trees, has something to do with how Innatraea and Kanraphim are connected.

Most intriguing is that each and every Great Dryad seems to be her own unique entity. They each have their own thoughts, drives, beliefs, habits, and personalities just like an Innatraean does. Meeting a Great Dryad is an amazing event and perhaps just a little terrifying too.

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