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The Moangi Wood

Royal Seyla is known for its artisans, beautiful companions, spicy imaginative foods, wealth, and the strategy game known as Shatranj. At its border to the north is the massive Moangi Wood. When travelers first see the moangi forests they often remark that even the trees are artists.

Moangi trees grow in massive watery jungles all over Royal Seyla. The young trees often grow in loose clumps, floating upon the jungle tides, and are known to travel many leagues in their early lives. This creates an almost life-like moving forest that is impossible to navigate for outsiders. Mature trees begin to set down roots as they grow larger, becoming hardwood giants that tower over the jungle's moving canopy.

Moangi trees are very easy to identify, because nothing else on Innatraea looks anything like them. Their roots form large web-like cone structures at their base, making them look almost like towers. Their unusual wood is a rainbow of colors, ranging from bright yellow to near black, every tree has a different pattern of colors and waves. Finally their broad leaves provide abundant shade, because they grow in clumps all over their branches, and are very large with seven points.

Moangi wood is prized by artisans all over Innatraea, both because of its beauty and hardwood strength. This wood is one of the main exports of Royal Seyla and is tightly controlled by the crown.

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