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The Rinowhn Tribes

"The Rinowhn People's heart beats with the very essence of Innatraea."

-Rinowhn Saying

The Rinowhn Tribes are a very interesting subject matter for those of a scholarly nature. To outsiders they seem to be a conglomerate nation of what many call savages. Their history and tribal structure is much more complicated however. They are the oldest known cultural people on Innatraea and though they think of themselves as one people the Rinowhn nation is split into eight different tribes. Most of these tribes are nomadic and each has a specific purpose within Rinowhn society.

The Rinowhn Tribes think of themselves as one people with each tribe having their own purpose within society. They all believe in the same mother goddess, Asherah who is mother to The Sisters, and they all share the same basic life philosophies. Each individual tribe does however have their own culture, social laws, philosophies, and way they approach their purpose within Rinowhn society. They do have annual multi tribal gatherings, sporting events, festivals, an inter tribal council, and some overlapping shared responsibilities. All of the tribes also have an in-depth history of tattoo art and body piercing, both of which vary greatly between the various tribes and castes.

"If you're a bad hunter the woods are always empty."

-Ta’al Rinowhn Saying

The Ta’al are horse people. Many herds of wild horses wander the immense Sea of Grass, the Rinowhn Tribes’ homeland, and the Ta’al follow them. They are a matriarchal tribe with a council of elders, a warrior caste made of both women and men called Whip Masters and value craftsmanship, horse breeding and care, archery, hunting, and strength. Their place within Rinowhn society is as warriors and border guards for the tribelands.

“Those of bravery and knowledge find wealth everywhere.”

-Ta’vyn Rinowhn Saying

The Ta’vyn are farmers and gatherers. They are the most nomadic of the tribes and travel farther than any others. This is not just for planting seasons but also to gather rare mystical plants, medicines, herbs, and other hard to find things the tribes need. Their place is Rinowhn society is providing those rare materials from around Innatraea the tribes need as well as food stones, animal hides, and sometimes navigation or news from other cultures.

“Innatraea is vast, but what use is it if my heart is narrow?”

-The Way Precept

The Zimsway tribe is perhaps one of the more interesting ones, because their purpose is not solely in goods or services but also lies in beliefs and memories. Their circle of elder and matriarch are holders of the Zuniga Stones, ancient magical stone relics passed down through the generations from the beginning of the Rinowhn people; these stones hold the memories of all who have wire them throughout time. The Zimsway are also practitioners of The Way, a spiritual belief that focuses on protecting the love and peace of others; this is their specific purpose within Rinowhn society. That is negotiation, mediation, and refuge. Lastly they are growers of Haze Flower, a psychoactive plant used in various ways across Innatraea.

“Water runs faster than horses, it also drowns you.”

-Ka’huak Rinowhn Saying

The Ka’huak are river and sea going people. They are ship builders, navigators, and shepherds to those who must travel far faster than foot or horse. They also serve as supply train for the border patrolling tribes during larger conflicts, wars, or retreat. The Ka’huak are known for very fast river ships, high quality sails, spears, and maps.

“True wealth is a thing of negotiation not labor.”

-Ta’juo Rinowhn Saying

The Ta’juo are a merchant tribe and spend most of their time in trade, negotiations, or travel throughout outside kingdoms. They are the most well known Rinowhn tribe to other cultures because of this, and are often sought out by outsiders seeking crafts, goods, and information regarding the tribes. They are also treated differently because of this. Ta’juo are on more friendly terms with many other kingdoms because of this, which has been known to help end conflicts or organize trade and political relationships. Their one craft they make themselves are their famous house-like wagons, which they travel with everywhere and are so large hey must be pulled by a train of draft horses or Dora (a species of ungulate herd animal native to the Sea of Grass).

“Rinowhn knowledge is an ancestral and spiritual thing, that few are worthy of.”

-Sephar Rinowhn Saying

Very little is known about the Sephar, few outside of the Rinowhn Tribes have even heard the name. They are said to be the one non nomadic tribe, keepers of knowledge, and much smaller in number. None of this has even been substantiated however, because no other Innatraeans have ever seen a Seohar let alone talked to them. They have also been referred to as storytellers.

“The enemy only fears one thing, your capability in killing them.”

-I’okanew Rinowhn Saying

The I’okanew are a patriarchal tribe of warriors. They value strength and weapons craftsmanship over all else. Young men of this tribe begin training for war at a very young age and even the women carry special hidden daggers to defend their homes from invaders. Their purpose within the tribes to protect the borders and the more peaceful tribes of their people.

"There is a kind of hatred, similar to longing. Few truly understand this distinction. Those who do, are a curse on this world."

-Elsara of the Vemronai

There are rumors of an eighth tribe, one that was destroyed long ago, thw Vemronai. What few references have found about them calls them the Rinowhn’s shadow, the meaning of this has never been established.

The Rinowhn creation myth:

"From the stars and dust we came. To them we shall return."

-Rinowhn Saying

In the beginning Innatraea was a land of pure magic and chaos.

Then came the goddess Asherah.

She created the Valley and gave us Val'hallem.

There she erected the great bridge and planted her tree at its gate.

But the land was still in chaos, so she brought forth her Temples to rule from Urmu.

Ti'Zikia: The Temple of Life which birthed the Rinowhn people.

Ti'Iluti: The Temple of the Goddesses which grants purpose.

Ti'Mitu: The Temple of death which completes the cycle.

The Rinowhn over time split into tribes. Each with its own purpose.

The Ta'al. Horse people of the grasslands and our freedom.

The Ta'vyn. Nomads of the plains and our gatherers.

The Zimsway. Keepers of the stones and our hearts.

The Ka'huak. Shepherds of the sea and our guides.

The Ta'juo. Merchants of the road and our providers.

The Sephar. Guardians of Val'hallem and our knowledge.

The I'okanew. Warriors of the people and our strength.

The Vemronai. The blades of darkness and our shadow.

They are linked to the land of Innatraea.

When she needs them they shall become one.

Under the guidance of their divine beginning.

The first two seeds are then planted.

One for the people's rage. One for the people's heart.

May they grow into the future of our people!

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