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The Sacred Folk

Innatraea has existed for eons. Much of its early history has thus been lost to myth. A few things however are recognized by most of the cultures, faiths, and kingdoms. Originally Innatraea was created by the goddess Asherah, with the fruiting seedlings of her trees. She then gave birth to her daughter's, the Sisters, Innatraea's moons. Rhiannon, Selene, and Seraphina.

The Rinowhn Tribes however speak of an older history. Before Asherah came to Innatraea the world belonged to a myriad of magical races. These are collectively referred to as The Sacred Folk. Though each is incredibly different there are a few things that are collectively told about all Sacred Folk. They live in their own world, though they visit Innatraea often. They can also travel from place to place without walking, and are even said to have influence over time itself.

Many of the Sacred Folk have been forgotten. Most ancient mythical species are now just said to have been Sacred Folk. Below are a few of the known Sacred Folk, we will see many more of them in the upcoming Innatraea Mythical Creatures NFT art collection with the artist behind Crypto Yetis.

A few of the still well known folk.

Re'em, the white horned horses of roadways and protection.

Shedon, the immortal folk of the Alon'ela Wood.

Amarok, giant wolves of the hunt and vengeance.

My'yh, a singular being who protects The Stones.

K'arajin, the stone giants. Who are said to be from the very heart of Innatraea.

Tsutero: Beautiful winged beings of myth, said to bond for lifelong friendships with Innatraeans.

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