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The Shedon

The Shedon are an ancient race, they have been alive for eons, only being younger than the K'arajin and a mysterious race they refer to as the Old Ones. As a people the Shedon are present in nearly all kingdoms across Innatraea, but as a nation they rarely ever involve themselves in the politics of other kingdoms. 

The Shedon are more varied than other Sacred Folk races. From their skin tone, to their eye color, ear shape, hair, facial features, and even the number of fingers on their hands. Though their beliefs differ wildly, varying as much as their features, they tend to be calmer, less reactive, more knowledgeable, and more resilient than most due to their age. Some Shedon have generations-long friendships with Innatraean families in many kingdoms.

They are immortal and ruled by their first born female, the empress Cliodhna, who rarely ever leaves their capital of Dryumiri. A seemingly ubiquitous issue many Innatraeans have noticed of late, in general less and less Shedon are present out in the world. There are many theories as to why, but most seem to think they have merely grown tired of war, politics, and others harming one another.

The Shedon do not give birth, or die, in the same way other races do. They are beings of pure magic and immortal. There are only two ways a Shedon can die, by being mortally wounded, or through the Dwrryn their ritual of flame and rebirth. During Dwyrrn two, or more, Shedon gives their life energy, magic, and knowledge to their people. This act consumes them both in flame and creates a new life from the two of them. Because of this the Shedon view intimacy, both emotional and physical, differently than other races. Sexuality, and relationships, are fluid things that often push the boundaries of love, experience, and even reality.

Another interesting thing about the Shedon is their tattoos. These are not done with ink like other races. They are instead a personal expression of each individual's latent magic within, or their Dwr, a force every Shedon has, their soul.

As a Shedon ages their Dwr also gains strength, which is exactly represented by their station in life, until this force becomes too much and they choose to perform the Dwrryn with their loved ones. Oddly their Empress, Cliodhna, is still living even though she is the oldest Shedon on Innatraea. Many believe this is because she is needed by her people and is more than just a symbol for their people's magic, but the Dwr of their entire race.

Shedon Social Classes:

Imfura (Firstborn), Empress: Firstborn of the entire Shedon race, their eldest and ruler, Cliodhna.

Inyakun (Speaker or judge): The second highest rank within Shedon society, Only thirteen Inyakun exist at any given time. Where one of them speaks they act as the Imfura's hand in all things.

Bukori (Artificer): A very well respected class in Shedon society. They are responsible for crafting magical objects, gems, weapons, and armor.

Anohr (Light Worshiper): The spirit guides of Shedon society. It is their job to interpret others' Dwr and what they need.

Mara (Nightmare): The Imfura's shadow. They are trained assassins, thieves, and infiltrators.

Inkotanyi (Invincible): The Shedon warrior class. They are respected throughout all of Innatraea as the most skilled warriors to ever exist. They have their own internal rule structure and honor code.

Inynyri (Star): The dancers of Shedon society, though calling them such is a simplification. Theie profound skills in physical movement transcends what most are capable of. The one goal of an Inynyri performance to to bring our thwie audience's lust, satisfaction, and love.

Jyoshna (Moonlight): The singers of Shedon society. The voice of a Jyoshna is said to be powerful, so much so that entire kingdoms have risen or fallen to hear their words.

Wanyi (Soldier): The common soldiers of Shedon society, and guards of their capital city Dryumiri. Calling them common soldiers however lacks more than a bit, for they are mostly better than other kingdoms' elite knights.

Umori (Sentinel): The lowest rank within Shedon society, mostly held by the youngest Shedon alive. Their one job to watch the Alon'ela Wood and alert the Dryumiri Wanyi of any incursions, or other things of note.

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