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The Weavers

Updated: Jan 14

The Weavers are an ancient order who make their home on the island of Sceotan, off the southern coast of Innatraea. Within their central tower, Djelem'den, or The Garden Tower. The large island is also home to the native Sceotian, a small people of fishers, deep sea divers, and sailors.

The Weavers are most known for their ability to "weave," or manipulate the threads Innatraea is made of at a base elemental level. This is the most well known type of magic on Innatraea, nearly everyone has heard of The Weavers, and being born as one is a random, though rare, occurrence that can happen anywhere.

Generally when one is born as Weaver it takes a few years for their power to manifest, usually this still happens in childhood. The level, and ease, to which they can enact their will upon the world around them is often looked upon as their magnitude of power. The stronger they are, and the harder it is to learn control, and in some cases to survive, there have been stories of powerful child Weavers destroying themselves before they could reach Sceotan.

Once a child reaches Sceotan they are usually accepted as an initiate and trained within the hierarchy of The Weavers. This training period can vary dramatically between individuala, depending upon their personality, and abilities, but in reality magnitude of power means everything, provided the individual is able to complete their training.

An initiated Weaver's training culminates in a ritual known as "The Tekes." Where they must use their ability to weave near an archaic sacred site within the Weavers' central tower, known as The Circle. It is surrounded by eight symbols, four of them representing the base four elements, and four of them unknown, their meaning lost to history. When an initiate properly weaves an element the appropriate symbol will ignite, they must ignite at least one to pass their Tekes. The most powerful Weaver in recent history was able to ignite two symbols at once.

Weavers are also known to age slower, live longer, and heal faster than normal Innatraeans. The superstition here is that their ability to Weave empowered them beyond just what they're able to do directly.

The Weavers are also known for their wealth, and strong political influence, through Innatraea. Nearly every kingdom has an ambassador from Sceotan, and depends upon The Weavers as an ally. This in turn makes them susceptible to Weaver influence, this and their ability to alter Innatraea at will, had made them one of the most powerful orders in history.

They do not have a very large standing military, but they do have two militant organizations within their order. A small elite guard, responsible for guarding Sceotan, and the Goddess Bound.

The Goddess Bound is a unique force, made up of individual warriors, rather than being a trained army. Each of them eventually becomes Bound to a Weaver. This bond is forever and has many special effects attached to it. Goddess Bound are stronger, live longer, heal faster, and have more endurance than normal Innatraeans. They also have the ability to sense their individual Weaver's location. Lastly the Bond tends to make them more susceptible to their Weaver's will, wanting to obey them.

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