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The Weavers' Rings

The Weavers' Ring is their most well known symbol. They are a knot-like ring, made of unknown metals and gems, which indicates the bearer belongs to their order. Each ring is incredibly unique and exemplifies the personality, power, and beliefs of its wearer.

Not much is known about these rings outside of the Weavers, but a few details have been gleaned over the centuries. When an initiate passes their Tekes each is given the metals and gems to make their Weavers' Ring. Creating this ring is their first act as a full Weaver and reflects who they are.

Some other interesting things have been noted about the Weavers' Ring. It's been noted that these rings can change over the lifetime of its wearer. There are multiple accounts of older Weavers being noted with the same rings on different occasions, but with subtle details having been changed. Though it's unclear whether these change on purpose of evolve with the Weaver as they age and change over the centuries of their long lives.

Another is that no one else can wear a Weavers' Ring unless it is freely given to them. There have been many instances over the eons of Innatraeans trying to steal Weavers' Rings. Most stories just say they cannot be put on anyone else's fingers, melted down, have their gems removed, or be altered in any way. There are however other stories of the Weaver knowing where their ring is, tracking down the thieves, and either putting an end to them or forcefully bonding them.

The last things to note is a Weaver's Legacy. These are the descendants, or students of a Weaver, who take their place after they retire. Innatraeans outside of this organization don't understand how this works, but it has been theorized that there must be a magical bond between Weaver and Legacy. Because a Legacy can wear their Weaver's ring, and many have noted those rings reshaping itself to the new bearer. A well known scholar, Praeus, additionally believed that this process takes time, which he called an attunement period. He also said this attunement period may accelerated if the original Weaver passes away.

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