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Trefn Cyfiawnder (Order of Justice)

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Trefn Cyfiawnder was an order of knights in Cathyor before its fall. They were famous for their unique composition, magic, and capabilities in combat. Their kingdom has been gone for more than a decade, and most say that their order fell with it, but stories still persist about them across all of Innatraea.

The entire order was formed of swordswoman knights, blessed by their king, and were the Cathyoran royal guard. They were originally formed in Old Cathyor, from the ancient bloodlines that had close connections to Innatraea's Great Dryads.

Trefn Cyfiawnder was also the Cathyoran military’s elite irregulars. Nearly wherever they entered the field the enemies of Cathyor were wise to treat the engagement with caution if not outright fear.

Trefn Cyfiawnder was made up of women who were lethal fighters, brilliant tacticians, and bonded to one another in a way that almost implied supernatural loyalty. Beyond all those things however was their magic, something very few outside their order understood.

Though many did not understand Trefn Cyfiawnder’s magic there is no shortage of rumors and reports from engagements with them. Most Innatraeans agree that it was old world magic, especially because Cathyor itself was known for its ancient connections to Innatraea’s Dryads; during the days of Old Cathyor and its original ancient bloodlines.

The two most reported magical objects were their swords and cloaks. Their swords were said to cut through enemies like flame, whether there was shield, blade, or armor in the way didn't matter; a Trefn Cyfiawnder blade coming your way nearly always meant serious injury or death. The cloaks only made things worse for their opponents, because they were able to turn the wearers invisible to the eye. Many soldiers referred to these women as Ysbrydion Angau or “Ghosts of Death.”

Perhaps the greatest mystery however was their fall. No one truly knows how Aedonia was able to dismantle the order and overthrow their kingdom. There are also of course rumors that some of these women survived, that their order still operates in the shadows, waiting for Dydd Dial a Marwolaeth, or “The Day of Vengeance and Death.”

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