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The large city state of Tursim is one of the oldest on Innatraea. Located where the Victory River meets the sea, bordering the Rinowhn Tribelands, The Tanglewood, and directly intersecting the Coastal Trade Road. This strategic location has allowed Tursim to become a wealthy power in trade. The city even boasts the largest port on Innatraea along with more large quays than many other cities combined.

Tursim is built in a crescent moon shape, between two ridges. Entirely built of white plaster, stone, and brick, its massive walls, Grand Library, temples, and giant towers are visible for leagues.

With wealth and power however also comes war. Many armies have tried to break Tursim throughout its history. Few have actually succeeded. Because along with wealth, and trade, Tursim has also cultivated higher learning, military strategy, and political power.

The Tursi armies are some of the best trained in the world. From light cavalry, to irregulars, spearmen, archers, and their sword and shield wielding elite guard. Tursim has been able to out maneuver many invading forces. Where their armies have failed, wealth, or political power often made the difference.

Not everything is perfect inside Tursim however. The Tursi people follow an old world faith, known as Alsiyama, that is very centric around military might, strong laws, harsh punishments, and the dominance of men within society at all levels. It has never been a safe city for the poor, women, or those who disagree with the government or Great Temple.

In recent years Tursi society has been experiencing a dichotomous movement within their city. Other trade cultures, like the Am'ayim, who are wealthy and value women have been slowly gaining more influence upon the Tursi population. Specifically in regards to the rise of aristocratic women who possess wealth and have allies, or husbands, from foreign lands. This dispute is most noticeable and has affected Tursi life in many profound ways, the most obvious of which can be seen in the Tursi women choosing to longer wear the maysak. A head and face covering veil, required by the old faith.

In many ways Tursim is a powder keg of warring religious and politicalnbeliefs. But the old faith still holds power over the Tursi military and its government. The future of Tursim may very well depend upon how this conflict is resolved.

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