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The Yn'tuac are an Amng tribe of northern Amng'khor. They are an older tribe with a dual deity religion focused on the pain and joys of life. These deities are also brother and sister. Ixchel the Jaguar Goddess of fertility, midwifery, and protection. Wachan the Bird God of war, joy, and family.

Unlike most other Amng tribes the Yn'tuac believe in the equality of all things, espevially women and men, because this is a symbol of duality. Neither women, nor men are any better within their society than the other. Both can be a parent, warrior, medicine person, or leader with equal respect.

Their belief in duality represents itself in other ways too. Most notably in the idea that pain leads to ascension and improvement of self. Nearly every Yn'tuac believes that their soul exists elsewhere, in another world out of their body. Through the pain of physical modification an individual is able to experience their soul and create a stronger connection with their true selves. This idea is most visible in Yn'tuac tattooing, body piercing, and tooth inlaying.

In the Yn'tuac method of tattooing the artist first paints a design onto their skin, then uses a series of needles, razor sharp knives, and flame or alcohol to cut the Innatraean's skin along the painted design. Most tattoos celebrate one of their two deities or important events in life and are often tattooed on their body where most appropriate. Tattoos on their faces, hands, arms, legs, necks, chests, and abdomens are all quite common.

Body piercing is another common modification that is taken much further within the Yn'tuac people than almost anywhere else on Innatraea. Most precious are performed with sharpened animal teeth, obsidian knives, and flames or alcohol. Piercings can represent anything from common decoration, to honoring an important event, or even be part of a religious ritual in some cases.

Perhaps the strangest modification, and one done nowhere else on Innatraea, is the Yn'tuac tooth inlaying. Having very decorative teeth is both a. Symbol of beauty, and of an Innatraean's ability to withstand pain, to the Yn'tuac. Piercers use a bow drill to create a cavity in teeth, then carefully carve a previous stone, or metal, to fit inside and seal it with a special sealant made of plant resin and other materials. They also view tooth inlaying as a way to both repair and protect damaged teeth.

The Yn'tuac do have a warrior caste. These warriors are chosen from those most skilled, and able to withstand the most pain, among both women and men. They are respected greatly and thought of as the wise protectors of the Yn'tuac people. Because the amount of pain they withstand has brought them closer to their true selves and they exist to protect the people. These warriors are referred at as Ko'baal or Chi'baal, Lady or Lord of Pain.

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